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Allot Service Gateway -Tera


Delivering Digital Lifestyle Services

Allot Service Gateway Tera is a high-performance DPI-based platform built to power the deployment of Digital Lifestyle Services in fixed and mobile data networks that are on the path to software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud-based network services (NFV).

It provides a unified framework for both physical and virtual service deployment across any access network, serving as a single point of integration for Allot-bundled services including real-time traffic management, video optimization, policy enforcement, application-based charging, security services such as Parental Control/Safe Browsing and Anti-DDoS, as well as value-added services (VAS) from other leading vendors.

The platform is purpose-designed to allow operators to enable easy migration from physical service deployment to NFV environments and to deploy services rapidly and efficiently. On a physical network, Allot Service Gateway Tera supports a flexible range of 100GE and high-density 10GE deployment requirements. The platform is built to handle very high traffic loads, providing up to 2TBbps in a Tera-cluster and managing 15 million subscribers per chassis. It also allows operators to easily manage the steering, balancing and chaining of traffic from the physical network to cloud-based services.


Data network operators can leverage the unsurpassed traffic visibility, insight and service orchestration capabilities of Allot Service Gateway Tera to:

  • Control costs through efficient traffic management
  • Deploy value-added services rapidly and reduce time-to-revenue
  • Orchestrate service delivery and management from a unified service enablement platform
  • Expand revenue opportunities with application based charging
  • Ensure subscriber Quality of Experiences (QoE) across any network access
  • Collect rich source data from the network for analysis by Allot ClearSee Analytics or other BI applications
  • Protect investment in infrastructure and pay as you grow with an open, modular, standards-based solution

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A new white paper by Senza Fili Consulting states that the move from bits to context-driven services brings operators closer to subscribers and enables them to better utilize and monetize their network resources . Download the full report here

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